Japanese Live Art Two-Day Exhibition

Live Art & Music Performances

Starring Pinokio

Japanese Live Art Two-Day Exhibition

Starring Pinokio w/Live Art & Music Performances

Friday, February 22nd & Saturday, February 23rd

7:00 pm - 12:00 am



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about pinokio

Pinokio, travels through his own hidden spiritual world, which is dense, odd, and gloomy. His art works are produced through this journey, extracting the powerful visual image to the real world. Born in Okayama in 1979, Pinokio was a child who rather played by himself and often hid himself in a reverie. In 2000 he moved to Tokyo by himself out of the pure desire wanting more people to see and touch his artworks.Takuro studiously produces his new works and throws one-man exhibitions regularly. His works are not limited to drawings, he also creates installations and often performs live paintings, and creation of a massive batik in the public. He is not hesitant to expand his art fields and tries many new things. In 2012, he took part in the art festival Burning Man, where he could actually feel people really appreciating and enjoying the art and be liberated spiritually by the encounters with the art. It was a great experience for him. In 2016, he moved in New York to aim higher for his improvement as an artist. To begin with, He dived into new and valuable experiences such street performance and wall painting producing.