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Two Day Art Collective

“Let Me Be Great” Two-Day Art Collective

January 12th - January 13th

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


This Two Day Art Collective is one of the art market collectives that we regularly hold. For $200, artists can showcase their work invite their friends, family while we invite the local community and turn the UnSpace into an art market where all of the artists get to keep 100% of what they sell! Our mission is to provide self sustainability for up and coming artists and we partnered with Or1el and Sophocles to curate and host our inaugural art market, “Let Me Be Great.” We featured the work of 10 talented artists of all backgrounds and art styles. The result? An eclectic mix of beautiful artwork and people!




Sophocles Plokamakis is a Greek American freelance illustrator, manga artist, art show curator and co-curated the “Let Me Be Great” Two Day Art Collective. Sophocles has been drawing since he was a child and followed his dream of becoming an artist by obtaining his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Sophocles enjoys drawing portraits of real people and makes what he calls Metro Manga (Subway Comics) every time he rides the subway. On his portable drawing pad, Sophocles captures portraits of real New Yorkers as they commute and makes up fictional Subway Stories to go along with them. 2018 was Sophocles’ breakout year and he’s been on fire ever since. He’s shown his art in 30 shows throughout NYC and curated 10. He’s a rising player in the NYC art industry scene so expect to see more and more of him in 2019 and beyond!

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Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, NY since the age of 7, Oriel Ceballos always dabbled in art, casually drawing and painting as a child and enthusiastically engaging in the arts throughout his school years. However, Oriel did not think of becoming an artist until age 29 and since then, he hasn’t stopped. Oriel’s technique involves sketching and painting in a semi-realism style mixed with expressionist and impressionist elements. He also employs bright colors, text, symbolic references, and a childlike painting style which leaves negative (white) spaces in his artwork. Oriel’s favorite mediums to use are acrylic, gouache, and oil, but he also experiments with others such as ink, markers, pastels, etc. as for surfaces, he enjoys painting on canvas, paper, and wood. Oriel continues to curate and host shows throughout NYC and has created a name for himself in the NYC art scene. Along with Sophocles, Oriel co-curated the “Let Me Be Great” art collective.

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Chun Park

Chun Park is a Korean American visual artist living in NYC.

“My art could be different from the typical male artist's exploitation of the female nude in that honesty, sincerity, and respect in the investigative process of painting and creating are all present in my work. My work is mostly stylized and semi-abstracted, meaning that I am drawn to the experimental aspect of creating as much as the subject of idealized female beauty. I hope to give the viewer an otherworldly taste of what is possible outside reality. In my art, there appears to be three kinds of obsession - obsession with abstraction and stylization, obsession with representation of figures and the human form, and also the sexually driven escapist fantasy involving beautiful females. It appears that my inclination towards abstraction and stylization is in service of depicting figures and in particular female figures in an idealized manner. Ever since I was a kid, I felt a special kind of attraction towards and appreciation for idealized female beauty without having any sexual knowledge. I knew that idealized female beauty was something special, that no form of male beauty could equal.”

-Chun Park

Semicolon Rocketeer:

Semicolon Rocketeer also known as…..

Will Porter AKA Canvas Killer:

Will Porter is a painter, performance artist, and author. His use of paint, pastel and sewn material proves that he's grasped the art of line manipulation to suggest movement & also mastered a technique of overlaying textures for fuller forms.

The form & exactness of Will Porter’s portraiture is often-time upstaged by color application as vibrant & full as 'straight out of the tube' methods. His agitprop is in direct defiance of White American constructs; threatening & or destroying influence that has been dinned into the mind of the viewer by our shared societal experience. The movement(s) & action(s) suggested in Porter's work easily validate the titles that he ascribes to them- providing scenic routes throughout the canvas for your eyes to travel & rest at their leisure. His implementing all three disciplines is sure to be a playground for your senses.    

Will Porter’s conceptual pieces create grounds for a dialogue, either independently or with anyone in peripheral range who's eyes have also shared a captive moment on the canvas.

Cotton TM:

Cotton is our youngest artist. At just 19 years old, Cotton TM is becoming a recognizable force to be reckoned with in the art game.

Marcello Castellano:

Marcello Castellano was born in Bogota, Colombia and has been o