Open Art Call


Open Art Call

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Like our Gallery Space, our art submission process is VERY different.

For one week out of every month, we provide 1 lucky artist with the opportunity of a lifetime – to curate and/or host a week-long exhibition at our gallery in DUMBO! The only fee that this artist would have to pay is the $40 entry fee.

What you’ll get when you’re selected:

  • A Full Week Exhibition at our gallery in the heart of DUMBO

  • A team of experts that will ensure that your art is properly installed and cared for and we’ll help you curate YOUR show YOUR way

  • We have photographers and videographers that will shoot/film your exhibition and provide you with the content

  • You have full creative freedom over the exhibition and we’re just here to provide the space and any support that you’d need

  • We will provide you with the marketing and use our resources to market your exhibition to the thriving community of eager potential buyers in DUMBO


We’re an artist launchpad and we do it right in one of the most renowned art communities in the world. 

Process and Timelines:

Timeline from Open Call to Exhibition: 2.5 - 3 months

  • So we open a call that lasts a full month beginning on the first day and ending at the last day of every calendar month.

  • On the first week of the following month, we announce the winner and invite them in for a “visionary” session – where THEY TELL US how they envision their exhibition.

  • Then for the next two month - WE GET TO WORK! You’ll be assigned a project manager who will help bring your vision to life and will provide as much or as little support as you need. We’re at YOUR service. We’ll provide the press release and will market your upcoming exhibition

  • Your exhibition begins!

    Timeline Example: May’s Open Call (May 1st - May 31st)

Winner is decided by June 7th.

Winner comes in for “Visionary Session” at any point in June.

The UnSpace team gets to work during July and August

Your exhibition launches on the last week of August!