An Inclusive Art Gallery & Creative Space

Our Gallery Is Different

The art industry is largely controlled by the wealthy elite that trade art as assets that appreciate over time. Therefore, it behooves an art gallery to cater to artists with the most clout and who are highly in demand - with pieces that can justify significantly high price tags. These galleries invite their tight network of well-heeled collectors and buyers with deep pockets to buy work from these artists and collect hefty commission - some as high as 50% of the sale.

That’s not we operate at The UnSpace. We don’t believe that an artist should struggle. We want to provide ALL artists with a platform to grow and thrive. Artists should have outlets for financial stability doing what they love and do best. More importantly, there’s a lack of diversity in art because of the way that the art industry typically operates. By fostering inclusivity, we’re giving up-and-coming artists from all backgrounds the representation and exposure to the global art industry by leveraging robust the digital landscape to extend their reach beyond the walls of the art gallery itself!

Check out our monthly open call - we provide one artist per month the opportunity to host and curate their own FREE art show the way they’d like while we provide full support. This artist will be featured as the artist of the month and we provide additional opportunities for artists that are not selected for that month to display their work on our Artsy gallery page! Click here for more details!