An Inclusive Art Gallery & Creative Space

Our Gallery Is Different

The art industry in New York can be very competitive and elitist. We’re non-conformists that don’t play by the rules - we do things OUR way. OUR way is to provide artists with a platform to do things THEIR way. We allow our artists full creative freedom to collaborate, curate and bring their visions to life, THEIR way. We’re just here to support the creative masterminds that walk through our doors with all of the support that they need to thrive.

Our flexibility and the creative freedom that we encourage allows for inclusivity because that’s what we’re all about. We provide ALL artists from ALL backgrounds with a platform to showcase THEIR work THEIR way. In addition to providing diversity in art work our goal is to create financial stability for our artists. Artists should thrive while they’re alive and we genuinely want to help our artists make a living while doing what they love.

Our biggest benefit for artists is through our monthly open call. Click here for more details!