“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics”
— Victor Pinchuk

Art. Inclusion. Sustainability. Innovation. Giving Back. Education. Empowerment.

An Inclusive Gallery Space That Is Democratizing The Art Industry Through Digital Innovation Providing Unprecedented Global Exposure For Diverse Artists From All Backgrounds And Walks Of Life

The art industry isn’t very inclusive nor is easily accessible for most artists. The traditional art gallery makes their money off of the hefty commissions earned through the sale of each piece sold through their platform. So, it behooves a gallery to limit their artist roster to those with connections, clout, and whose works are deemed the “most valuable” by the buyers, collectors, brokers and other art industry professionals that trade art in a global marketplace. There’s so many incredibly talented artists of all races, backgrounds and socioeconomic status that don’t get the recognition and representation that they deserve due to a lack of access. Often times, some galleries, museums and auction houses may capitalize on trends that can easily be perceived as cultural appropriation. A lack of access and exposure oftentimes leads to ground breaking artistic geniuses that go undiscovered. What a shame because the next Basquiat could be sitting at home playing video games rather than living out his, her or their true destiny.

The UnSpace is democratizing the art industry by leveraging the power of the global digital landscape to reach buyers and collectors from all over the world. The online marketplace offers the ability to change the game thereby allowing us to provide representation and sustainability for artists of all backgrounds. Artists should thrive and earn a respectable living for their brilliant creations. We provide ALL artists the access and ability to freely create, curate, and showcase their masterpieces through the lens of their own unique personal journey and diverse experiences. Our mission is to provide opportunities for artists to grow, not capitalize on them. Rather, we’re the platform that provides them with the freedom to create, a wider reach, global clout, and financial sustainability.

Providing Free Arts Education Is Our Driving Force

While the UnSpace is a for-profit, affordable gallery for artists from all backgrounds to grow and thrive, the driving force behind our work is our ability to provide free arts education to the youth of the surrounding underserved communities. We’re on a social impact mission – arts education isn’t prioritized nor available to the youth of our poorest communities. The purpose of our free arts programming is to provide the youth with the freedom to tap into their inner creativity, recognize their own innate talents, and bring out the best in themselves. We’re setting them up for success in ways that create opportunities that wouldn’t be available to them otherwise. We believe that access to creative expression has the ability to transform society by empowering, uplifting and healing whole communities. Our hope is to move generations forward by providing priceless resources that will open doors and create paths for upward mobility and self-sustainability. It’s no secret that the system is broken and if we can do our part to fix or even expose and disrupt the broken system, then we’re fulfilling the true mission of The UnSpace.

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Art Makes The World A More Beautiful Place So That’s Why We Do What We Do At The UnSpace
— Andres Harrison, Founder & CEO of The UnSpace