Art. Accessibility. Giving Back. Community. Inclusion. Empowerment. Healing.

A Space That Celebrates Diversity in Art & The Freedom To Create

“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics”
— Victor Pinchuk

Our social impact mission is the core of our business. We want to make art accessible to everyone because we believe that it can transform society. We strive to reform the elitist art industry by removing the many barriers to entry which in turn, promotes diversity. Our gallery space in the heart of DUMBO provides ALL artists with the freedom to curate and create without limitations. The UnSpace is an accessible and affordable platform for artists from all backgrounds to grow and thrive and we use our profits to fund free arts education and healing workshops for underserved communities. The goal is to provide disadvantaged communities with opportunities that uplift, empower and heal through artistic creative expression.

Art makes the world a more beautiful place so that’s why we do what we do at The UnSpace.