Happy Independence Day!

After seven months in business, I’ve finally decided to start this blog – I understand that it’s very long overdue. :/ However, on Independence Day, I thought it was appropriate to start this blog today. While I’m always proud to be an American, there’s no doubting the fact that our system is flawed and skewed against people of color, immigrants and other marginalized communities. It’s important to note that while we make strides in the right direction, there’s always something that sets us back. It’s still one step forward, two steps back. The crisis at our border is unsettling, homelessness in many cities across the country is at an all-time high with unimproved race relations exacerbated by our current administration.

I understand that this post may come off as unpatriotic, but the truth of the matter is, that while we as a country have a lot to work on, I’m still always a proud American.  As the son of a Panamanian born immigrant and a Puerto Rican mother that grew up in the projects of East Harlem (commonly referred to as “El Barrio”), I can say that to some degree; I’m still privileged. And that’s because of what I’ve personally been afforded as a result of living in this country — a great education with a solid foundation in the arts. To a large extent, I am my own American Dream.

Happy Independence Day!!