Creative jobs that don’t require an art degree

Not all creative jobs require an art degree…or even experience!

Yes, you read correctly. An art degree and to a lesser degree, experience, is not always necessary to land a corporate creative job at one of the … to page about digital jobs.

As a talent acquisition professional, I’m always asked about the level of experience required for every role that I recruit for. I don’t believe that years of experience equal aptitude. I’ve seen many ambitious but relatively “inexperienced” talent become rockstars at their jobs – sometimes, in more ways than their more "seasoned” counterparts. On the other end of the spectrum, some professionals with many years of experience are unable to successfully meet the expectations of the role that that were hired for, for whatever reason. While many positions require years of actual hands-on experience for a candidate to be successful upon hire, I’ve found that this is least often the case with creative jobs. However, there are some key things to remember.

Applications for creative jobs must include a badass portfolio.

I repeat. You MUST have a badass portfolio to stand a chance at landing one of the many full-time creative jobs out there. The recruitment process for full-time creative jobs is different because your ability to do the job is vetted before coming in for an interview, and this is via your portfolio. Unlike most roles where the vetting process takes place through a series of interviews, creative jobs require you to have very specific skills – and these skills (or lack thereof) are evident through your past work. This is why you need to lead with an online portfolio, and the link should be on both your resume and Linkedin profiles. Simply put, as a recruiter, I won’t reach out to you until either the hiring manager or I have seen your portfolio. In my experience, most hiring managers for creative jobs refuse to meet with anyone that doesn’t have a portfolio that they can review beforehand. So am I driving this point home enough? YOU MUST HAVE A BADASS PORTFOLIO to land a creative job. :)

You do not need an art degree to land most creative jobs. But you better know your sh*t.

Yes, you read correctly. An art degree from a top art school doesn’t mean shit if you can’t execute a creative concept. Creative jobs are some of the few kinds roles that you can’t bullshit your way through. Many jobs that aren’t as executional, don’t require hard skills that can make or break you as a candidate. Let’s be real. A candidate can “fake” their way through an interview for most kinds of roles as long as they know how to talk the talk. However, creative jobs require distinct skills that you can’t fake – you must show that you can walk the walk. For example, in addition to having a “good eye” for what is aesthetically pleasing, you must also have solid graphic design skills if you’re applying for a graphic design job. It comes with the territory. If you’re applying for a copywriter or a creative writing role, make sure you know how to write! Make sense?