10 of the most Famous American Newspaper Comics


Newspaper comics are one of the three main formats of modern comics, the other two being comic books and graphic novels. Newspaper comics are much shorter than comic books and graphic novels, occupying at most one full page, which places a limit on how complex their narratives can be. This was compensated for from their first appearance in 1895 until World War II, when a comic would frequently occupy a full tabloid-sized newspaper page, especially on Sundays. The great newspaper comics took full advantage of this opportunity to create miniature panoramas that were accessible to workers and the poor in a way that high art was not. Sadly, after World War II the full-page newspaper comic disappeared, replaced by much smaller strips, which shrank even further in the twenty-first century as the newspaper industry as a whole went into decline.

Gasoline Alley


Gasoline Alley is a comic strip created by Frank King and distributed by Tribune Content Agency. It centers on the lives of patriarch Walt Wallet, his family, and residents in the town of Gasoline Alley, with storylines reflecting American conservative values.

Krazy Kat




Blondie is an American comic strip created by cartoonist Chic Young. The comic strip is distributed by King Features Syndicate, and has been published in newspapers since September 8, 1930.[1] The success of the strip, which features the eponymous blonde and her sandwich-loving husband, led to the long-running Blondie film series (1938–1950) and the popular Blondie radio program (1939–1950).

Mary Worth

Mary Worth is an American newspaper comic strip that has had an eight-decade run from 1938. Distributed by King Features Syndicate, this pioneering soap opera-style strip influenced several that followed. It was created by writer Allen Saunders and artist Dale Connor, initially appeared under the pseudonym "Dale Allen". Ken Ernst succeeded Connor as artist in 1942.

Calvin & Hobbs

Calvin & Hobbs.jpg

Hi and Lois

Hi and Lois.jpg

Mother Goose and Grimm

Mother Goose and Grimm.jpg

Mother Goose and Grimm is an internationally syndicated comic strip by cartoonist Mike Peters of the Dayton Daily News. It was first syndicated in 1984, and is distributed by King Features Syndicate to 500 newspapers.